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Lelia’s Fancy Nancy Pajamas

31 Oct IMG_1833

I sent the kids off to school this morning and was eager to sew up Lelia’s PJ’s.  I had a little less than a yard of fabric for hers because it was the end of the bolt, so poor Lelia’s sleeves are 3/4 instead of full length, but I don’t think she’ll mind.


Pumpkins, Pictures and PJ’s

31 Oct Iz modeling the Fancy Nancy Kimono Top Pajama's

Lots going on around here!  We spent the weekend in Rehoboth for the Sea Witch Festival, but most of it was canceled due to rain.  So we came home early on Sunday.  We ran into terrible traffic due to a downed power line on 50 and after spending 4+ hours in the car, everyone was anxious to do something!  The girls played with the neighbors, and I got busy hanging the photos that we took at the beach this Summer.  I found the frames on the cheap from target, they were $2.78 for a 2 pack! And then I ordered my prints from Shutterfly.  I used blue painteres tape to mark out the spacing and then eyeballed it up from there, no measuring tape or level needed.

It adds to the pink and green theme in the dining room and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out!

Next up was pumpkin carving.  I let the girls draw the faces on their pumpkins (I assisted Lelia) and then I carved them out.  Once they saw the triangle cutouts of the eyes, they asked to add them to the top as ears and transform their pumpkins in to cats, I think they were inspired by their cat hats from PappaDoc and Karen.  What do you think?

Of course, pumpkin carving wouldn’t be complete without the roasting of the pumpkin seeds.  My tried and true method is to rinse the pulp off the seeds, pat them dry with a dishtowel, cover a baking sheet with tin foil, lay the seeds on the sheet, and toss with a little Old Bay.  Bake at 375 for about 15 minutes, tossing once mid-bake. And the result is heaven in a bowl:

After the girlies went to bed I got to work on sewing my first set of PJ’s! I read this tutorial from Pinterest.  Then I followed the same principle for the shirt, and referenced this pattern from Oliver & S.  But didn’t follow a pattern, just made it up as I went along.  Patterns scare me.

I used Fancy Nancy fabric b/c Iz loves Fancy Nancy, and of course, since my attention to detail is not great, I cut the legs out upside down.  Oops.  But Isabelle didn’t notice this morning and was quite happy with her PJ’s! Today I will sew some for Lelia and I am FOR SURE going to be sewing their Christmas jammies this year! But I’m thinking about going with a night shirt instead.

Isabelle’s A Line Dress With Ruffles

27 Oct IMG_1808

I broke down and drove to my mother’s house to hijack her decades old sewing machine. I couldn’t wait one more minute to finish Isabelle’s dress because I’ve got to make the dolls dresses too, and then move on to the PJ project before I undertake my biggest project to date, Christmas dresses for the girls.  I’ve finally found THE fabric for the dresses and have the design in my head and I need to practice a lot before I set out to sew them.  And as someone so kindly pointed out on Facebook, Christmas is 59 days away, which means that Christmas Eve (the date the girls will wear their dresses) is only 58 days away!

With out further ado, here’s Isabelle in her dress.  ( I haven’t yet sewn the buttons on the front).


27 Oct Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 12.57.31 PM

The birthdays have passed, Halloween costumes are complete, my work is at a manageable level and my sewing machine is in the shop.  This is NOT GOOD for my wallet.

I have a shopping problem.  I can curtail it most of the time, it’s best if I’m busy too.  But right now there’s nothing standing between me and my shopping binges.  It’s focused on home elements right now due to my recent fascination with sewing.  And thanks to Pinterest my creative juices are working on overtime.  I’m desperate to create things and make my home new.

Yesterday’s shopping involved a trip to IKEA where I procured this rack to hang on our metal kitchen shelves.

As well as some hooks from which to hang things off of the shelves.  I’m using the shelf to hold our bread and the hooks are holding up pans, lids, and bananas.

I also found this mirror.

Which I will be painting bright pink and hanging in my dining room.  There are future plans to reupholster the chairs myself and make some wide pink and white striped curtains in an effort to make my dining room a more casual environment.  I’m taking my color palette from my love of pink and from our monogrammed china.

I also found some great frames for my children’s silhouettes.

I’m still debating whether or not to turn those black.  What do you think?

The day before, I shopped at Target and got some bright pink and grass green 8 x 10 picture frames, which I will use to frame our fabulous family photos from the beach this summer.  9 pictures in a square pattern, alternating the pink and green frames, also for the dining room.

I’m stalling the urge to shop now, by writing this blog post, because in reality, there is nothing I need, but if I leave my house now, I will go to a store and I will almost certainly, find something to buy.  For no reason.

Also, I could be cleaning my house, doing laundry, or any number of productive things to prevent the shopping, but I’m not b/c I hate all of those things with a passion.

Family Birthday Celebration

26 Oct

Since Isabelle and Lelia are 2 years and 11 days apart and they have 8 grandparents, we have one big family birthday celebration each October.  Each girl gets the cake of their choice made by Gran, and we all celebrate another year together.  It’s pretty much the only day of the year when we’re all together at the same time and I really love it.

I love that my kids have so many people in their lives that love them and I love that they don’t know any different than to be so lucky as to have 8 grand parents.

Thank you to Gran, Poppy, Lolly, Granddaddy, Nan, Granddad, PappaDoc and Karen for being such fabulous grandparents!


Happy 3rd Birthday Lelia Wade!

23 Oct

Oh my Lelia, how I love you so!  Three years ago today you came into this world and completed our family.  You are a ray of sunshine with the warmest most loving heart.  It is my great pleasure in life to be your mother and as with Isabelle’s birth, your birth is one of the 3 best days of my life.  I’m a better person because of you.

My singular wish and hope for you is that this life brings you happiness. While your in my care, I’ll try my hardest to make that wish come true.

On Saturday we celebrated you turning three with a small Crayon Crafting party.  Your friends Lexie and “My Benny” came with their siblings to help you celebrate. You thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

After the party, A +L were outside playing with their American Girl dolls, so Isabelle grabbed Emily Bennett and went outside too.  You ran out to play too and I got Lolly to come over to give you your doll.

It was love at first sight and you have named her Lelia since she looks like you.

This morning we woke up and you were so excited to see your presents wrapped in Dora wrapping paper.  You ripped through them all and were pleased as punch to find a Dora outfit for you and your doll.   We celebrated with pink sprinkle pancakes.

Then you and sissy got dressed to go to church with Gran and Poppy.  And of course, instead of wearing the dresses that I selected, you both insisted on wearing your birthday outfits.  Your doll accompanied you to church as well.
Tonight we’ll celebrate your birthday and your sister’s birthday with all of your grandparents!  Happy Birthday My Love!

Happy Homemaker | Glue Guns and Sewing Machines Oh My!

21 Oct

Pinterest has renewed my crafty side, as evidenced by Isabelle’s owl costume and my wine cork wreath.  I also completed Lelia’s “Bad Big Wolf” costume!

And while I was making her costume, one of the girls asked who was going to be Little Red Riding Hood.  I figured a cape couldn’t be too hard to make, so I said I would be.  Plus that’s the kind of costume that I can bring out every year.  And right after I committed to the creation of a cape, my Mother In Law informed me that she needed a costume for something at the Renaissance Institute, and I thought the cape would be an easy fix for that as well.

Then my mom sent me an email from a company selling American Girl Doll dresses and matching outfits for girls.  Outfits that were right up my ally, but $50 -$60 for the girls and up to $20 for the dolls.  They were mostly basic tunic dresses and I thought I could probably handle sewing something like that too. So Lelia and I set out for JoAnn Fabric yesterday and I found a gazillion fabrics that I liked for lots of different projects, including the future construction of PJ pants for the girls and their dolls.  I pared it down and just bought extra of the fabric that I had selected as a liner for my cape to test my dress making abilities.

The thing about sewing is that much as I want to speed through it, I can’t.  You have to stop and think about every step, especially if you aren’t using a pattern.  Because when you sew, everything gets sewn inside out and then when you turn it right side out, you can see the creation.  This gets me all turned around, but I am happy to say, I only made one mistake in this category and I turned my mistake into a bag to carry when wearing the cape.

The cape was pretty simple, I drew a big semi-circle for the cape and sewed two rectangles together for the hood. I”m really happy with how it turned out.

Photo taken by Isabelle

The dress was a lot more involved and I had to be very methodical about it.  The inspiration came from this pillowcase dress.  I even bought muslin to line the dress!  I traced one of Lelia’s dresses for the basic shape and then played with the sleeve to get more of a cap and less of a flutter.  The whole thing took about 2 hours to make and again, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I have plans to make one for Isabelle and then make matching ones for their dolls to give them at Christmas.

Isabelle’s 5th Birthday Party at Rebounders

18 Oct

Isabelle celebrated her 5th birthday with her classmates at Rebounders this year.  She shared her party with her classmate, Cole who turned five the week before she did.  It was a huge hit, so much fun for Isabelle, that she pulled both her stomach and her groin muscles!  And now she’s begging to go to rebounders on a regular basis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Birthday Isabelle!

12 Oct

Today’s a big day in the White House! Isabelle turns 5.  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I lay in the hospital waiting anxiously for her arrival.  I spent 24 hours in labor before delivering her via C Section at 5:45 in the evening. She came out with a full head of black hair and left Colin and I wondering who her real parents were since we both expected a baby with a little blonde peach fuzz.

In five years she’s grown up so very much.  Some days it feels like she’s been with my always and others make it feel like it was just yesterday that I held her in my arms and cried with frustration over why she wouldn’t sleep.  We lived in a narrow row home in Baltimore City at the time and she was so small she slept in a moses basket propped up on a luggage rack next to my side of the bed.  She was super fussy and I had fed and changed her and rocked her and done everything i knew how to do.  So I tried the car seat trick andwhen that didn’t work I lugged the swing or veggimatic as we called it up the stairs.  And when that didn’t work I broke down into tears myself and screamed at Colin to come help.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I don’t remember what happened after that, so she must have gone back to sleep somehow.

Isabelle is so many wonderful things all wrapped into one and I am wide eyed and mystified at watching her grow up.  She bowls me over daily with the things that she says and does.  I can’t believe she’s mine and that she’s so smart and pretty and kind and funny.  And then she sasses me and gives me more ‘tude than some teenagers can rouse and it becomes crystal clear that she is in fact, mine.

I wonder daily if I’m being a good parent and if I am going to screw her and her sister up somehow but so far so good.

Last night my sweet Isabelle, got her first 5th birthday present from my mother, Lolly.  It was the American Girl doll that she had wanted so badly but had told me earlier that she would not ask for it for her birthday because she knew it was so expensive.  She wanted to wait to ask Santa for it so that we wouldn’t have to spend the money on it.

Her initial reaction did not lead me to believe that she really liked it, but when we came home it was clear that she was in love.  First she asked if Emily could sleep with her.  Then she asked if Emily could come to school with her today.  After lights out she called me up to discuss how Emily would wear her hair at school today and shortly thereafter she called down to inform me that today was also Emily’s 5th birthday and that we’d need to do something to celebrate.

She also scratched her original birthday wishlist and reordered it full of doll accessories like the bed, armoire, and some clothes.  Like a good mother, I lied and told her that I didn’t know if I could get those things on such short notice since her birthday was the next day.  Ever so quick with a way to solve such dilemma’s, Isabelle proposed that I go to the store while she was at school to get everything and that once I had gotten it, I could come to her school to give them to her.

When she wakes up we’ll have pink pancakes with sprinkles in them, and she’ll open her gifts. She’s opened her gifts and is thrilled.  We sang happy birthday and she blew out her 5 candle.  Tonight we’ll have a nice dinner and ice cream cake.  Later we’ll have the grandparent family birthday dinner to celebrate both her and her sister’s birthdays and Isabelle will enjoy a friend party this Sunday.


When I was growing up birthdays were uber special.  My mother went out of her way to make us feel special.  She still does.  Last year for my 34th birthday I went on a girls overnight trip and she had one of my good friends bring cupcakes to celebrate.

Now that I have girls of my own, I want to make them feel the same way mother made me feel.  I still remember the year I got my ears pierced as a gift. I also got a clock radio that still sits next to my bed.  I was 9 or 10 and she left a trail of presents from my room to hers and down the stairs.  Each box contained another pair of earrings.  And then there was the year when I was way into Holly Hobby and she bought a Holly Hobby Cake kit and we made it together.

Turning 5 is a milestone and one that I hope Isabelle remembers for a long time because after all, she can use one whole hand to show people how old she is and that’s just the coolest!

Armed and Dangerous- My Glue Gun and I Have Been Busy – Part Deux

11 Oct

Now that I have my glue gun, nothing will stand between me and my craftiness.  Once again, with inspiration from Pinterest, and a grocery bag FULL of old wine corks, courtesy of my husband’s hoarder like tendencies, I set out to craft.

It took about an hour and a half for me to affix all of the corks to the foam wreath that I acquired from Michael’s for THREE WHOLE DOLLARS.  I then returned to Michael’s this morning and purchased pretty turquise ribbon from which to hang the wreath on my door, for $6.  (I used every ounce of self control NOT to purchase the hot pink glitter ribbon that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to buy.

And Voila, a lovely wine cork wreath to hang on my front door for a grand total cost of $9!   I win at crafting!





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