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My Favorite Isabelleism Ever

30 Aug

Today, we were getting out of the car and Isabelle had several things in her hands. She requested that I undo her car seat.

I told her that she could do it herself but she informed me that she was not able to because she was

“Full of hands”

She means her hands are full, but she always says it this way. ¬†She’s said it for years and I refuse to correct because it warms my heart, every time I hear it.


Internet in a Jar

29 Aug

We are on hour 27 with no power thanks to Hurricane Irene. Thus we have no Internet.

Isabelle has just suggested that we go to Gran and Poppy’s (who have power) and catch the Internet in a jar to bring back here and use.

She clarified her line of thought by asking me, “the Internet is in the air right?”

If only it worked that way ūüė¶

Netflix is my Babysitter

25 Aug

I work about 30 hours a week these days.  And I work them all from the comfort of my home.  I also have an almost 3 year old and an almost 5 year old.

Recently, my parenting savior has been 2 little pieces of technology that I can thank the now resigned, CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs for: The iPad and the ipod touch.  These devices combined with our streaming subscription to Netflix allow my children to watch a never ending selection of cartoons and kid shows while simultaneously preventing me from having to watch those same programs.

We watch a lot of TV in this house and during the day, my kids control the remote, so we watch Disney or Nickelodeon. I’ve seen more episodes of Dora, Little Einsteins and Spongebob than should be legally allowed. ¬†I hate cartoons and I really hate children’s cartoons. ¬†I’m also not very fond of any of the sing song programs like The FreshBeats and The Wiggles.

Thanks to Netflix and the iPad and iPod, I don’t have to turn the TV on anymore and my kids can each watch whatever they want. ¬†No more fights over what program to put on the TV, no more TV noise crowding the room, just two happy quiet kids and one hardworking mom, getting it done!


25 Aug

My day job is being a social media manager for businesses. I own my own company and I work from home. I absolutely love what I do….finally!

But my most important job is being a wife to Colin and a mother to Isabelle and Lelia aka Facebook Five Year Old and Techno Toddler.

Isabelle and Lelia fill my world with light and life and our little family is all I could have ever asked for.

My husband is the yin to my yang.  For every check I bounce, he pays a bill in full and on time.  For every new smartphone I wish to buy, he longs to throw out his 4 year old little clamshell dinosaur phone.  For every computer I look longingly upon, he spins another record out of his 3,000+ collection of vinyl. We work together well.

I work from home because I want to be my children’s primary care provider. ¬†No mother can do it all and there is guilt in every decision a mother makes and I’m no different. I am in awe of any woman who stays at home full time. I couldn’t do it. I need to work to fill some other part of me that doesn’t get filled by being a mom. ¬†But I want to be the kind of mom that goes on field trips and stays home with a sick kid and attends every event in which my children will be showcased as an athlete or performer. ¬†And I want to be able to do it without having to make concessions to a boss.

Bar none, being a mother is the hardest job I’ve ever had.

I of course, think that my children are brilliantly smart and wickedly funny. And I’m right because I’m their mother and it’s my job to be their biggest champion so don’t argue these points with me.

They also annoy the shit out of me.  For serious.  On a daily basis.

And every time they do, I’m reminded that this must have been what it was like for my mother. ¬†Because I was smart, funny,¬†precocious¬†kid who¬†sassed¬†err sasses the crap out of her mother on a daily basis. ¬†Because who else besides your children will remind you that you’re not perfect but you’re perfect enough for them?

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