Poo On The Carpet – The Joys of Working From Home

6 Sep

Today has been an awesome summery of the life of a working from home mother.

5:30am Techno Toddler awakens with a request to sleep in our bed, I oblige.

6:30am I gave up on falling back to sleep

7am I opened my laptop and began working

8am Facebook Four Year Old wakes up and requests breakfast

9am Pry my hand free of Techno Toddler’s grip while apologizing to my husband for leaving him with her screaming and depart from home  with Facebook Four Year Old to take her to her first day of school.

9:05am Walk Facebook Four Year Old to her classroom, which she runs into without so much as a backward glance in my direction or a good-bye.

9:30am Attend meeting with client

10:30am Arrive home to relieve my husband and send him off to his office job.

12pm Conference call with my Facebook Ad Rep in which he extols the virtues of a clients ad campaign success!  Happy Happy Joy joy! I am beyond elated!

12:15pm Techno Toddler interrupts joyous Facebook conference call to inform me that she has removed her diaper and pooped.  I clean her bottom while on the call and never let the young Facebook rep on the other end of the phone know that I have done so.

12:30pm Hang up from call and venture up the stairs to the scene of the crime. I discover that Techno Toddler has pooped on her rug and then attempted a clean up.  This entails poop covered wipes, poop spots all over the carpet, and two bath towels laid out on the floor, also covered in poop.  And the crowning glory of it all, a big log of poop in the waste basket!

12:55pm Poop has been cleaned, Techno Toddler has been rediapered, no one has had lunch, but I have now banged out this personal blog post – a most excellent use of the 1 hour and 15 minutes I have left before I need to pick up Facebook Four Year Old from her first day of school.


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