Techno Toddler Throws a Tantrum

7 Sep

Yesterday after the poo incident, we went to Kohl’s to procure some rain boots for Techno Toddler.  15 minutes into the visit, as we were entering the check out line, she decided that she wanted to remove her rain coat. I told her no.  The below picture is what ensued for the duration of my wait in line.  People stepped over her and around her to get in line behind me.





This is how she reacts in many situations when she is told no.  She can cry for an extended period of time and many times it works.  She will wear me down to the point that I cave.  Just last night she threw a crying fit at bed time because she wanted to sleep on our room.  It went on for 40 minutes.  She woke up at 3:27am and we repeated the whole process in miniature – that one only lasted 10 minutes.

These tantrums could be the end of me and so to retaliate, I posted this picture on Facebook.  And now I’m posting it here.  One day this will embarrass her – I looked forward to that day.




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