Armed and Dangerous – My Glue Gun and I Have Been Busy

11 Oct

Let me preface this with the fact that I am fully addicted to Pinterest.  i first professed my love for Pinterest in early Summer and have been adding pins to my boards faithfully ever since then.  I’ve got hoards of recipes on there and tons of crafty projects to boot.  One board that I’ve been curating for months now is Kids Halloween Costume Ideas (disregard the 2 newest, those are for the adults in my family).  I fell in love with this owl costume as soon as I saw it and convinced Isabelle that she needed to be the owl for Halloween. Then I saw these owl wings and decided to create a hybrid of the two versions.


I found the sweatshirt and leggings at H & M in August, then procured my glue gun and felt at Jo Ann Fabrics. While there I also purchased a large pink t shirt to use for the wings and a pink sequined cat mask.


Armed with only my fabric, scissors and trusty glue gun, I worked for about 3 hours to cut out and glue feathers to the sweatshirt and wings.  Then I added a little piece of orange foam to the cat mask, and cut off the whiskers to complete the look.  Isabelle is in love with it, and quite frankly so am I!  So much so that I am incredibly tempted to make one for myself.  How fun would a hoodie like that be?



One Response to “Armed and Dangerous – My Glue Gun and I Have Been Busy”

  1. Jeanette October 7, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    My 2.5 year old is desperate to be an owl this year for Halloween and you have inspired me to try and this myself. The links you reference in your post don’t seem to connect – do you by chance have the approximate patterns (since this was a hybrid) that you followed that I can use? Thanks so much! So glad I have some inspiration now!

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