Happy 3rd Birthday Lelia Wade!

23 Oct

Oh my Lelia, how I love you so!  Three years ago today you came into this world and completed our family.  You are a ray of sunshine with the warmest most loving heart.  It is my great pleasure in life to be your mother and as with Isabelle’s birth, your birth is one of the 3 best days of my life.  I’m a better person because of you.

My singular wish and hope for you is that this life brings you happiness. While your in my care, I’ll try my hardest to make that wish come true.

On Saturday we celebrated you turning three with a small Crayon Crafting party.  Your friends Lexie and “My Benny” came with their siblings to help you celebrate. You thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

After the party, A +L were outside playing with their American Girl dolls, so Isabelle grabbed Emily Bennett and went outside too.  You ran out to play too and I got Lolly to come over to give you your doll.

It was love at first sight and you have named her Lelia since she looks like you.

This morning we woke up and you were so excited to see your presents wrapped in Dora wrapping paper.  You ripped through them all and were pleased as punch to find a Dora outfit for you and your doll.   We celebrated with pink sprinkle pancakes.

Then you and sissy got dressed to go to church with Gran and Poppy.  And of course, instead of wearing the dresses that I selected, you both insisted on wearing your birthday outfits.  Your doll accompanied you to church as well.
Tonight we’ll celebrate your birthday and your sister’s birthday with all of your grandparents!  Happy Birthday My Love!


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