Baby Gifts

13 Nov

3 of my good friends have had baby girls in the last month.  Since I took up sewing it had been my intention to make them something for these beautiful baby girls. I waffled between, a hat or a bonnet, a stuffed monkey or bunny, a dress, or a blanket but just couldn’t pull the trigger and commit.  And then yesterday afternoon it dawned on me that I’d be seeing 2 of them today and that I shouldn’t be empty handed when I do.

Nothing like a deadline to light a fire under my behind!  It just so happened that on Friday I swapped patterns with a friend and the pattern that I got was for a simple A-line dress…the perfect thing for baby girls.

And because I’m raising midgets, I had copious amount of the Tanya Whalen Darla Rosie Dots left over from the Christmas dresses. I also had a half yard of unused Tanya Whalen Delilah Red Dots that isn’t quite the same shade of red as Rosie Dots, but it is cute enough to be the reverse side of the A-line!

I turned on my new wireless printer, a birthday gift, and printed out the pattern.  After the kids went to bed i head down to my new sewing area in the basement and got to work!

I'd like to note that I created this area entirely from items we already had in the basement and I love it! The hanging rack is perfect b/c I can access it from the cutting side and the sewing side. And it's quiet in the basement!


Less than 3 hours later and I had completed the project! I added ricrac trim to the bottom, and craftily stitched two pieces of Delilah dots together to form the back of one of the dresses when I realized that I didn’t have enough fabric to cut it on the fold like I was supposed to.

Rosie dots side of A Line Dress

Delilah red dots side of dress


Details of the A Line dress


Another friend of mine stopped by just as I was finishing them up and said she thought they were adorable.  I’m pleased with the outcome, though next time I’ll have ro read up on ric rac as trim b/c it’s placement is a little tricky.  And I’m also going to have to figure out how to make some cute bloomers to match.  And whip up one more of these cute dresses for the third baby girl.




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