Phonetic Spelling Oh How I Love Thee!

22 Nov


Isabelle has been writing for over a year, but she didn’t know how to spell anything other than her name until recently.  Now she’s got several words committed to memory and those that she doesn’t know how to spell, she sounds out and writes the words as they sound to her.

It’s been an eye opening experience for me because, since she’s only 5, she still doesn’t speak perfectly.

Her R’s get lost and TH’s sound like D’s.

I find it endearing.

And not to worry, I’ve had her tested and Baltimore County says it’s all just fine and totally normal for a 5 year old’s speech pattern.

My first sighting of the phonetic spelling was a princess story she worked on with her older (read age 7) neighborhood friend.  The story read

“Once upon a time DAR was a princess”

My heart melted with the cuteness. Dar instead of there.

Then she gave me Thanksgiving card she made at school.  On the outside it said


And on the inside she had drawn a hand turkey and written



Tuce, was turkey.  The K in turkey sounded like a C to her and since she drops her R’s she didn’t hear it.


This just may be cuter than my all time favorite Isabellism!!

Most recently, she made a card for her good friend’s birthday.  Instead of signing it Love, Isabelle, she wrote

“Dis is from Isabelle”

And then she drew a smiley face and wrote

“Dat is a smiley face”

This phonetic spelling thing is heartwarmingly genius and for the first time in a long time, it’s making me super happy that my kids are the age that they are, instead of longing for days when they’re older and more self sufficient.

So on this week of Thanksgiving, I’m most Thankful for my girls who light up my world every single day!


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