Sewing For Me!

9 Dec

After sewing like a crazy person last weekend and completing most of my Christmas present sewing to do list, I decided to reward myself by sewing something for me!  I had intended to work on these items after Christmas, but I just couldn’t resist and knowing that my Christmas to do list had been considerably downsized, I went for it.

I purchased a 1960’s McCalls cape pattern from an Etsy shop, and after searching high and low at local stores, I found just the right shade of pink wool at Mood Fabrics online.  (you know, the New York store on Project Runway) Their prices are great and the selection is VAST! I gambled on this order , tough because I had no idea how thick the material was.  Good news, it was just the right weight, and I ordered a nice lining as well.

The pattern was already cut out and in my size, so all I had to do was cut the fabric.  I followed the pattern as best I could, and it was a challenge that took several evenings to complete, but I am happy with the finished product!

Photo courtesy of my 7 year old neighbor


I didn’t have the right color thread, nor did I have the desire to pack up my kids and drive to the store to find the right color, or go late at night when my husband came home, or the patience to wait until both kids were in school (my 3yo was ill from Saturday through Wednesday with a fever so today is my first kid free day!!)

I’m happy with how it turned out, given the level of difficulty and the mismatched thread.  All I kept thinking when making it though, is that saying “Don’t cook a meal you’ve never cooked before when you have people over for dinner.” The logic is sound and I feel that way about sewing too.  But I don’t have the patience to do a trial run on every project, especially one like this.

The same hold true for my other quick creations this week. I had fabric leftover from the cape so I thought I’d whip up a little reversible keyhole foldover clutch to use with the cape. I had seen one on Pinterest, but couldn’t find it when I set out on the project.  Of course, now, here it is .  Might have to but it and try again!  Anywho, this go round, I just made it up and started sewing.  The finished product is less than desirable so it’s only in this group shot.


The other two items in that shot, are versions of another LBG studio tutorial!  Pinned on Pinterest months ago, I decided ot use up some scrap fabric and go for it! Several lessons learned here:

  1. Measure, don’t guess
  2. Use the materials that the pattern calls for
  3. Thickness of fabric DOES make a difference on the final product!
Clutch/Wallet #1 (the green and white one) was made mostly on my own measurement system, based solely on the size of my phone and so it’s not quite wide enough when shut to accomodate my credit cards.  The green and white fabric is from my dining room chairs and is uber heavy, thus the final product is tres bulky.

bulky tiny wallet

So I started anew with leftover Christmas dress fabric and went for a much bigger clutch/wallet.  Overall I love the size, however, here, I used only the interfacing I had on hand.  The tutorial called for a heavier weight and in the case of the backing, I wish I had used that.  My finished wallet is a little more flimsy than I would like it to be, but it will suffice.
To both the green and the Christmas fabric wallet/clutch, I changed  the memo pad side to a full pocket and added another pocket on that side as well. I have learned to save receipts when shopping so that returns can easily be handled.  I also save them because the contain coupons.  And then there are the receipts I save for my job for accounting purposes.  Needless to say, I have a lot of receipts. This extra pocket accommodates my receipt stash nicely.  Storing my phone inside my wallet is also a plus because now I can just grab this one item and be on my way, no need for the whole purse and all it’s contents.
I wanted to add a zippered pouch somewhere on here, but I’ve never added a zipper anywhere, and I couldn’t figure out the logistics of how it would be sewn and where I would place it. I’m going to need some hand holding on that one.
Overall, my sewing skills are progressing and I’m getting more comfortable behind the machine.
Sadly though, this new hobby, has shed light on the fact that there is a giant gaping hole in the fabric/sewing shop world in Baltimore.  There are but a handful of stores and not a single store in my entire STATE carries the fabrics from the interwebs that I love so much.  No Free Spirit Westminister fabrics here! And no Amy Butler in Baltimore either.  There are others, but these are the two I looked up today.  I’ve embraced internet shopping, but I wish I could shop locally and find a store with these fabrics so I could oh and ah in person….and touch them.






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