Ruffle Tiered Dress

7 Jan

Today, I attempted a dress sans pattern and it actually turned out how I wanted it too!  I used the top of the precious dress pattern and then took a dress that Lelia already had in her wardrobe from Old Navy to configure the bottom half of the dress. I cut out an aline front and back skirt piece and used what what leftover from the width of the fabric for the three layers of ruffles.

I constructed it a little differently than I had the bustle part of their Christmas dresses.  Instead of stitching the ruffle layers on right side to wrong side, I sewed them on with right sides facing, which meant the ruffles were upside down when I sewed them on.  It provides for a cleaner finish.  I also, for the first time, used the rolled hem feature of my serger to finish the edges of the ruffle layers.

Since it’s unseasonably warm today, I got Lelia to model her dress outside in the sunshine and therefore got some abfab shots of her in it.  She loves it!  BTW, the fabric is Dena Designs London Blue.




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