A Line for Iz

12 Jan

I had a little of the Heather Bailey Pop Garden Zig Zag fabric leftover and I finally bought the Alexander Henry Lemon fabric from Joann’s that I drooled over during several visits. So I combined the two to make Iz a fun, funky, a line of her own.

Lelia will get one too, but here’s will have a yellow and white chevron print to go with the Lemon print.

Once again, I’m using the Carla C A-line Jumper Pattern for this dress.  It has got to be one of the more simple dresses to sew, I’m fairly sure I knocked this one out in under an hour.

The spring wardrobe is coming together for the girls!  They’ve each got 2-3 dresses now and more coming down the pike!  There are several more patterns that I’d like to try my hand at for spring, and then there are some one’s I’d like to kind of create on my own for the girls.

Again, I have to say that this really is a nice creative outlet for me and it’s so satisfying to see a project through from start to finish.  Plus I love that my girls have clothes to wear that were made with love.


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