Pattern Testing NoWhere Man Pants from Shwin & Shwin

13 Jan

Since I love Facebook so much, I make sure to like all of the pages of the sewing blogs that I follow and it paid off big time last week! First I won a huge Fat Quarter Bundle of Redwork Renneisance from the Fat Quarter Shop. And then I snagged a spot as a pattern tester for the NoWhere Man Pants by Shwin & Shwin!

image from

I think I’m going to try my first quilt with the Fat Quarter Bundle.

But back to the pants now.

The selling points for these pants were the pockets and the use of a twin needle to make them look kind of jean like.

I told them what sizes my kids were and they asked me to test the 4t, so that meant they were for Isabelle. Since we didn’t have fabric at home at that would work for this style of pants, I took her to the fabric store and let her select fabric from the corduroy and denim sections. She opted for a purple cord. I am psyched because now I can use the leftover fabric to make Lelia her very own Dora backpack and today is purple Friday in honor of the Baltimore Ravens.

So Iz got to wear them to school today with her awesome angry Ravens shirt! (We aren’t very into football in our house but my kids love dressing for purple Friday.)

Iz also selected her buttons. I convinced her to go with roses in honor of her middle name instead of the puffy I’s that really looked like sticks instead of letters.

I picked the candy dot fabric for the pockets as a surprise for her and then got to work cutting and making the pattern.

My hats go off to anyone who makes a pattern to sell. There are so many details involved in the process. At first glance this pattern seemed perfect, not only were there lots of directions but there were also lots of pictures. At least one photo for every instruction. But as I progressed I noticed little details missing, which is why they ask people to test them before they gland sell them.

And let me be the first to tell you that I could NEVER write patterns.     Soo.      Many.    Details.      Seriously.     Part of the reason I like sewing is because I like that I have to focus on the little things. It helps me work on my lack of attention to detail.  Therefore it would not be an easy undertaking for me to think it out enough to actually tell someone else how to do it.

As you can see by the photos, when left to my own devices, things go a little awry and pants pockets, even though I tried to make them even, get sewn on a little wonky.

Overall, I’m psyched to have a copy of this pattern and will surely be sewing them again, maybe in the linen suggested, for summer and spring.  Wondering too if I can enlarge the pattern to my size 😉  Cuz they’d look cool in a solid linen with a fun pocket accent.  Tho I’d probably ditch the back pockets and belt loops for my version.



One Response to “Pattern Testing NoWhere Man Pants from Shwin & Shwin”

  1. Jenni March 5, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    I love how they turned out with the corduroy. I just purchased this pattern, and I’m a bit nervous to try the pockets! Hope they turn out. 😉

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