I’m a Zooma Run Annapolis Connector!

14 Jan

I’m a runner and I like to run half marathons.

Two years ago, heck 18 months ago, had you asked me about running, those two thoughts would never in a million years have entered my brain. I despised running for 33.5 years. And then I ran my first 5k in June of 2010 and got hooked.

Other runners told me I should run a 1/2 marathon and I thought they were crazy. I started slow and decided to run the relay portion of the Baltimore Running Festival in October of 2010. By the time race day arrived, I was running much farther than the 5 miles required of me for the race, so I decided to run 2 legs which would equal a half marathon.


I loved the ache in my legs that I felt for days after, I loved the incredible feeling of accomplishment in running a distance that no everyone wants to run. And I loved the friendships that I made while training for the race.

I knew I had to run an official half and set my sites on the Rehoboth Beach Marathon and Half Marathon. It is a small marathon and it’s held in December so fans and supporters aren’t exactly overflowing on the sidelines. Much of the course is on a trail through fields between Rehoboth Beach and Lewes. But I still got the same rush from completing it, and doing so in a time that was almost 15 minutes faster than I thought I could run.

My finish time for that allowed me to register for the National Half Marathon in Washington DC in March of 2011. I ran it, and once again, felt proud and sore and happy all at the same time.

But after that race, I didn’t register for another one, and my running kindof faded into the background.

The 2011 Baltimore Half Marathon came and went and I missed it. I hated missing it so I found another race in which to run, the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon and this time I got to run with one of my best friends. Just like my previous races, the feeling from running and finishing is something I can not get from anything else and it reminded me that I do love running and I love running half marathon’s most of all.

What it also taught me is that I need to have races on the calendar so that I have a goal for which to train.

And just as I was beginning my research for Spring races, I found the Zooma Run in Annapolis. The race is on a course similar to the Annapolis Half, which was GORGEOUS! And it’s just for women, something I find particularly cool.

Plus it’s sponsored by Barefoot Bubbly, so you know the drinks afterwards will be awesome. And I love a good drink after a long run!

The absolute best part for me though, is that they actively embrace social media and the way in which it can help market a business or brand. They believe in it so much that they actually seek out people who will be vocal in their support of the race and who will use social media outlets to promote it, in exchange for entry to the race. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! And it’s like they designed the program with me in mind….a runner who loves social media!

I jumped at the chance and I am excited to be a 2012 Zoom Run Annapolis Connector!

To my running friends, please join me for this race, there’s a 10k too!


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