Can This Dress Pattern Be Fixed?

8 Feb


I was all excited about Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2147: Learn To Sew

image from Amazon


It was a simple pattern that looked similar in style to the O Tunic from Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders and a style that I thought would be flattering on me.

I made a test pattern first out of material of which I have copious amounts.  It had pleats in the back that I decided added bulk so I removed them for the actual dress and set out to make a dress out of the Timeless Treasures Catch of the Day Bistro Menu Ecru  to match my kids O Tunic dresses. I made it, tried it on and looked in the mirror, pleased as ever with my results.

So much so that I made the dress again, this time in the long sleeved version using some knits that I had picked up on clearance at Jo-Ann’s.  Again, sewed it, tried it on, looked in the mirror and was happy.  So happy with this one that I was going to wear it to the Opening of the Heavy Seas AleHouse.

Seriously, BAD BAD BAD

And then I had my husband take pictures of me in the dresses so I could blog about them. When I pulled the photos up on my computer I was saddened to see that instead of being kind to my curves, the dress makes me look like I have porn star boobs and am a tad on the large side overall.

I swear that in the mirror I looked fine, but these photos reveal less than flattering dresses.  Needless to say I did NOT wear the knit version to the AleHouse, and instead whipped up my lovely cocktail shift.

But the thing is, I used the last of my Hoodie Catch of the day on the dress and I’d really like to salvage it.  Does anyone who reads this have any ideas?

And if I use this pattern again,what can I do to prevent the porn boobs?  Or should I admit defeat and acknowledge that this just ins’t a pattern for my body type?



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