Tutorial | Photo Valentine’s

12 Feb


I posted a picture of my kids Valentine’s on Facebook yesterday and got lots of responses. Many of you haven seen them on pinterest. That’s where I found the idea , but none really detail how to do it so here’s my attempt.

And even though Valentines is Tuesday, there’s still plenty of time to make these cards yourself. I’m pretty sure that from start to finish this project took me all of an hour and that includes the drive to and from Target to pick up the cards.

Take a photo of your kids with a clean background, holding out his or her fist.

Upload to your computer and using the photo editing software of your choice, add the valentines txt and art. I used Photoshop Elements, but you could use Picnik, Aviary, photobucket even the Preview software that comes preloaded on your Mac will let you at least add text.

On the flip side, I bet you could use your iPhone and one of the photo editing apps and do the exact same thing with one less step. You can even upload right to Shutterfly from there too.

Save the image, and I chose to upload it to Shutterfly and have the prints sent to target because I didn’t want to use up all of my printer ink. I had 15 of each kid made to the tune of $6.04.

I then picked up two packs of heart lollipops at the Dollar store, for $2.12. Which means that the total cost for 30 Valentines was $8.16. A bargain!

Then using an exacts knife, with I cut a little line on the top of the fist and the bottom of the fist and slid the lollipop through the two holes, creating the illusion that they are holding the lollipops.
Since the photos are the same I could stack up two or three at a time and cut them together.

Easy peasy! So if you haven’t taken care of your valentines yet, in less than an hour you can make these.


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