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One of Those Days

24 Apr

It started with a nail in my tire…..

And then I almost had a car accident, but avoided it by slamming on the breaks.  Which in turn sent my newly purchased (at $14.50 a half dozen) 6 pack of gorgeous Flavor Cupcakery cupcakes, flying onto the floor of the front seat.

Shortly thereafter, Lelia decided she didn’t want the rest of her cupcake and so she smeared the massive quantity (I’d say 2 parts icing to 1 part cupcake, which is ideal in my book) of icing all over the arm rest in the back seat of the car.

A little later in my day, while I attempted to make my day right by sewing, Lelia took it upon her self to slather copious amounts of glue on paper and adhere it to the wall and the hardwood floors.

Throw in a few more instances of Lelia being obstinate and I was ready to call it quits.

Once again I retreated to my sewing hole in the basement to try to sooth my temper and mood and right the wrongs of the day.

Alas that was not to be the case. I was merely working on the simplest of projects, knit yoga pants, complete with pattern and instructions.  And once again, much like the incident with Colin’s Christmas PJ’s, I missewed the seams.  Except this time, I had serged, and french seamed them before I realized my errors.

So here I sit, having put the children to bed at 6:45, drowning my sorrows in a delicious red wine and pounding out this post.

Oh and did I mention, I’m down like 30 votes in the contest that I entered.  My adorable linen maxi skirt is losing to a beautifully sewn, but not exactly Spring friendly, costume.

Boo hiss to my day!!



Training Plan for the Zooma Run Annapolis Half Marathon

26 Jan

I officially registered today for the Zooma Run Annapolis Half Marathon, and if I wasn’t already excited for the race, I’m super pumped now.  Remember earlier in the week when I laid out my own made up training plan?


Well guess what?! I didn’t have to do that, because one of the added bonuses for registering for this race is that THEY GIVE YOU ONE!  And it’s awesome.  Just look at the sign index and first week’s plan:


Yes, they’ve included a coffee cup as a symbol for “bail if you need to” That alone let’s me know that this is the kind of plan for me!  That and the title of the plan is “Finish the Race” because that’s my main goal!

It’s like Zooma knows me already!

Remember to click here: and use coupon code ANNCON3 to save $10 on the half marathon nad $5 on the 10K.

And by all means, share this code with your girlfriends!  Who’s running it with me?????


Zooma Run Annapolis Discount Code Coupon

23 Jan

June 2nd is 18 weeks and 5 days away which means I need to get a training plan together ASAP. I’ve never followed an actual plan written out by someone else, like Hal Higdon or joined one of the awesome groups at Charm City Run. Instead I’ve talked with my two favorite trainers in the world, both of whom have run several marathons, Stephen Holt of 29 Again Fitness and Melanie Thomas of Fit Mom Circuit Training.  And I’ve looked at the Hal Higdon plans and talked to other friends to what works best for me.

I like to work backwards from the race date to plot out my calendar and run my farthest distance two weeks prior to race day. I try to follow the 10% rule and increase my mileage around 10%, except I round up. I usually go 1 to 1.5 miles further each week for my long run and then I try to do 1-2 other runs each week that range in distance from 2 to 5 miles.

So for this half marathon my plan will look something like this:

Week of March 4th: Run 2 miles, Run 2 miles, Run 3 miles

Week of March 11th: Run 2 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles (Maybe Run the Shamrock 5k????)

Week of March 18th: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles

Week of March 25th: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles

Week of April 1st: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 4 miles

Week of April 8th: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 5 miles

Week of April 15th: Run 3 miles Run 3 miles, Run 5-6 miles

Week of April 22nd: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 6-7 miles

Week of April 29th: Run 3 miles, Run 4 miles, Run 7-8 miles

Week of May 6th: Run 3 miles, Run 5 miles, Run 8-9.5 miles

Week of May 13th: Run 3 miles, Run 5 miles, Run 10-11.5 miles

Week of May 20th: REST WEEK so no more than 3 miles 2x’s

I’ve spread it out over 12 weeks and it’s a gradual increase that I am comfortable with.  And I start with just 2 miles.  Trust me, if I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Over the course of the last 18 months I have learned that I am not a speedy runner.  At the height of my training I pr’ed in the Shamrock 5k with a 28 or 29 minute finish.  Which means I ran like a 9:30 or so mile.  For most of my running friends, that is what they consider a relaxed run. And this my friends is why I like half marathons, because my sense of pride and accomplishment comes not from running fast but from running far. 13.1 miles is a lot farther than most people run on a regular basis and so it makes me happy to know that I can do that.

I was athletically challenged in high school, never made a varsity sport and certainly didn’t pursue any sport in college.  Discovering my love of running my early 30’s is the first and only athletic accomplishment of my life.

Running through streets while crowds cheer, knowing that I’m doing something that many people chose not to, makes me proud, and makes me feel like an athlete. I love it!

Come on jump in, race and train with me and see why I love it! Also I’ve got a coupon code for the Zooma Annapolis Race, so you can save $10 when you register!!  Just go to and enter ANNCON3. 

Seriously, if you don’t run, now is the time to start and if you do run, please join me for this race! Let’s see how big a group we can get together!


I’m a Zooma Run Annapolis Connector!

14 Jan

I’m a runner and I like to run half marathons.

Two years ago, heck 18 months ago, had you asked me about running, those two thoughts would never in a million years have entered my brain. I despised running for 33.5 years. And then I ran my first 5k in June of 2010 and got hooked.

Other runners told me I should run a 1/2 marathon and I thought they were crazy. I started slow and decided to run the relay portion of the Baltimore Running Festival in October of 2010. By the time race day arrived, I was running much farther than the 5 miles required of me for the race, so I decided to run 2 legs which would equal a half marathon.


I loved the ache in my legs that I felt for days after, I loved the incredible feeling of accomplishment in running a distance that no everyone wants to run. And I loved the friendships that I made while training for the race.

I knew I had to run an official half and set my sites on the Rehoboth Beach Marathon and Half Marathon. It is a small marathon and it’s held in December so fans and supporters aren’t exactly overflowing on the sidelines. Much of the course is on a trail through fields between Rehoboth Beach and Lewes. But I still got the same rush from completing it, and doing so in a time that was almost 15 minutes faster than I thought I could run.

My finish time for that allowed me to register for the National Half Marathon in Washington DC in March of 2011. I ran it, and once again, felt proud and sore and happy all at the same time.

But after that race, I didn’t register for another one, and my running kindof faded into the background.

The 2011 Baltimore Half Marathon came and went and I missed it. I hated missing it so I found another race in which to run, the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon and this time I got to run with one of my best friends. Just like my previous races, the feeling from running and finishing is something I can not get from anything else and it reminded me that I do love running and I love running half marathon’s most of all.

What it also taught me is that I need to have races on the calendar so that I have a goal for which to train.

And just as I was beginning my research for Spring races, I found the Zooma Run in Annapolis. The race is on a course similar to the Annapolis Half, which was GORGEOUS! And it’s just for women, something I find particularly cool.

Plus it’s sponsored by Barefoot Bubbly, so you know the drinks afterwards will be awesome. And I love a good drink after a long run!

The absolute best part for me though, is that they actively embrace social media and the way in which it can help market a business or brand. They believe in it so much that they actually seek out people who will be vocal in their support of the race and who will use social media outlets to promote it, in exchange for entry to the race. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! And it’s like they designed the program with me in mind….a runner who loves social media!

I jumped at the chance and I am excited to be a 2012 Zoom Run Annapolis Connector!

To my running friends, please join me for this race, there’s a 10k too!


Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon

20 Nov

Yesterday I got to run in the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon with one of my best friends.  Even though she has a run a marathon (the inaugural Baltimore Running Festival in 2000) she had never run a Half before, and hadn’t run more than 6 miles since the Baltimore marathon, until she started training.  It was the first half marathon that I got to do with a friend and it made it so much more fun!

My friend Suzanne let us sleep at her house since she lives close to the start and finish of the course.  Selden and I got up at 5:45 and due to traffic right by the stadium, we parked at a little shopping center across from the stadium.  We lined up (there were supposed to be waves, but there weren’t any) and because of that traffic, the race was delayed from starting on time and started 15 minutes late.

Waiting for the race to start

We took off and Selden ran ahead since she’s a faster runner than I.  By mile one I had shed long sleeve shirt and by mile 2 I had taken off my short sleeve shirt as well.  While the streets were lined with spectators and cheering people dressed in gloves scarves, hats, coats and mittens, I ran along in capris and a tank.  The sun was shining and it was PERFECT weather for a race!

The first five miles of the course wound through Annapolis around the circle, down the main street and out to the bridge.  The bridge was inimidatingly steep and tall, but I decided that since I knew my pace was slow, I’d create other goals.  One of which was to conquer the bridge. I ran all the way to the top and was rewarded with a race photographer and what I hope will be a great photo.  Another, slightly vain goal, on this race, was to take a good race photo.

From the bridge we ran out about 2.5 miles and back.  Most of this time was spent looking for Selden. It was a great distraction because a good portion of this part of the run was on a very narrow trail.  On my side we were essentially single file and there wasn’t much to distract me other than scanning the other side for Selden.  Once I found her, we high fived and I struggled to keep running.  I was about 8 miles in and my legs were getting tired.  The single file line up was all that kept me going. I didn’t want to slow down those behind me so I just kept shuffling forward.  I should also mention that this was all on a slight incline.

The return to the bridge was mostly down hill with a few up hills.  I walked those.  I almost quit on the bridge ascent but a lovely woman told me to keep going and I did, all the way to the top.  I ran down the bridge and from there had less than a mile to the end of the course.  My legs were sore and tired so I combo ran walked the rest of the way. I found Selden about 50 feet from the finish line cheering me one and it helped immensely to keep me running until the end. The finish lines wasn’t very well marked and I wasn’t even positive it was the end until I actually crossed the timing mats.

Our race premium was a nice jacket and the race info promised additional premiums once we finished. Sure enough, right after I crossed the finish line I was given my medal and a great running hat!  Then I lined up and had my picture taken in front of a fancy step and repeat banner.

I found Selden, and we had someone take our picture together, both of us happy to have completed the race.

Proud Finishers of the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon


Overall, this was a hilly course, and I hadn’t trained as much as I should have, so I knew going in that I wasn’t going to PR.  But like I said, I set other goals, and I accomplished those so I was happy to have completed the race.  It was my third official Half Marathon and my 4th unofficial. I finished in 2:24:28 and Selden finished in 2:11.

Here are the gory details of the course and my splits

Map of the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon


My pace at the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon


My Splits for the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon


Oficial Time and Stats for the Inaugural Annapolis Half


Update: Here are the photos from the race

The fancy step and repeat at the Annapolis Half Marathon


Crossing the Finish Line at the Annapolis Half Marathon


Crossing the Finish Line at the Annapolis Half Marathon


Crossing the Finish Line at the Annapolis Half Marathon


Running down Main St at the Annapolis Half Marathon




Week in Review

4 Nov

Dining Room Mirror

I spray painted the IKEA mirror and hung it in the dining room.  It exceeded my expectations and looks awesome.  i’m on a tear now to complete the dining room makeover!

One coat of primer and one of the pink was all it took.

One coat of primer

Finished product, Hung!

Shoes from Ebay

I can thank Pinterest not only for my crafty indulgences but also for helping my shopping habit.  This week someone posted a picture of adorable bright orange ballet flats with an $11.50 price tag! I had to check them out and once I did I felt compelled to purchase them in pink and orange.  They arrived TODAY and are beyond precious! Cheaply made as the day is long, but who cares!

One of each color!

They’ll look super cute with my navy blue dress tomorrow when my husband and I go out to dinner!

Christmas Clothes Making

I looked and looked and finally found a pattern for the girls Christmas dresses, the Precious Dress Pattern from the Scientific Seamstress.  She also makes the tunic patterns that I’m eager to try and works with a fabric designer named Jennifer Paganelli, whose fabrics are right up my alley.  And the BEST part, she’s local! I reached out to her to see if she would help me through any rough spots and she was sooo super duper kind and nice about it and said YES!!!

I plan to adapt the dress a little for a surprise in the back (inspired of course, by a Pinterest post).

So the next part of the dresses, was to find the fabric. I searched for HOURS on the interwebs and came up with lots of possibilities but not winners.  And then I found Tanya Whalen and fell in love!   I found one vendor who had enough of the fabrics that I wanted and ordered them earlier this week.  They too arrived today! Take a peek! I can’t wait to get to work on them.

I plan to use the red as the main fabric and the other two as accent fabric.

Since I got the dresses squared away I set to work finding just the right flannel to construct Christmas PJ’s for the girls, and since I was going to make them, I figured I’d make some for me and for Colin as well.  When I asked him last night if He’d wear them Christmas morning, he was super excited about it!  (Normally he gets all dressed before he comes downstairs so this is nice of him).  It’s tough to find a gender neutral fabric that is festive and fun that we’ll all like, but I settled on this Grinch fabric and Colin approved it.  Finding enough yardage was a challenge, but the Cotton Blossom Farm on Etsy came through for me!

I’m looking forward to starting these projects and am curious to see how I fair.  With each I will have to learn to make buttonholes and I’d like to work on my finishing skills, a la a zig zag stitch and more pressing of the seams.  I really like sewing and the fact that it makes me slow down and think about each step.  It’s good for my lack of attention to detail.  Makes me pay attention to the details a little more.

Anyway that’s the sum of the week here at the White House.  Hope you have a great weekend!