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Training Plan for the Zooma Run Annapolis Half Marathon

26 Jan

I officially registered today for the Zooma Run Annapolis Half Marathon, and if I wasn’t already excited for the race, I’m super pumped now.  Remember earlier in the week when I laid out my own made up training plan?


Well guess what?! I didn’t have to do that, because one of the added bonuses for registering for this race is that THEY GIVE YOU ONE!  And it’s awesome.  Just look at the sign index and first week’s plan:


Yes, they’ve included a coffee cup as a symbol for “bail if you need to” That alone let’s me know that this is the kind of plan for me!  That and the title of the plan is “Finish the Race” because that’s my main goal!

It’s like Zooma knows me already!

Remember to click here: and use coupon code ANNCON3 to save $10 on the half marathon nad $5 on the 10K.

And by all means, share this code with your girlfriends!  Who’s running it with me?????



Zooma Run Annapolis Discount Code Coupon

23 Jan

June 2nd is 18 weeks and 5 days away which means I need to get a training plan together ASAP. I’ve never followed an actual plan written out by someone else, like Hal Higdon or joined one of the awesome groups at Charm City Run. Instead I’ve talked with my two favorite trainers in the world, both of whom have run several marathons, Stephen Holt of 29 Again Fitness and Melanie Thomas of Fit Mom Circuit Training.  And I’ve looked at the Hal Higdon plans and talked to other friends to what works best for me.

I like to work backwards from the race date to plot out my calendar and run my farthest distance two weeks prior to race day. I try to follow the 10% rule and increase my mileage around 10%, except I round up. I usually go 1 to 1.5 miles further each week for my long run and then I try to do 1-2 other runs each week that range in distance from 2 to 5 miles.

So for this half marathon my plan will look something like this:

Week of March 4th: Run 2 miles, Run 2 miles, Run 3 miles

Week of March 11th: Run 2 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles (Maybe Run the Shamrock 5k????)

Week of March 18th: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles

Week of March 25th: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles

Week of April 1st: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 4 miles

Week of April 8th: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 5 miles

Week of April 15th: Run 3 miles Run 3 miles, Run 5-6 miles

Week of April 22nd: Run 3 miles, Run 3 miles, Run 6-7 miles

Week of April 29th: Run 3 miles, Run 4 miles, Run 7-8 miles

Week of May 6th: Run 3 miles, Run 5 miles, Run 8-9.5 miles

Week of May 13th: Run 3 miles, Run 5 miles, Run 10-11.5 miles

Week of May 20th: REST WEEK so no more than 3 miles 2x’s

I’ve spread it out over 12 weeks and it’s a gradual increase that I am comfortable with.  And I start with just 2 miles.  Trust me, if I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Over the course of the last 18 months I have learned that I am not a speedy runner.  At the height of my training I pr’ed in the Shamrock 5k with a 28 or 29 minute finish.  Which means I ran like a 9:30 or so mile.  For most of my running friends, that is what they consider a relaxed run. And this my friends is why I like half marathons, because my sense of pride and accomplishment comes not from running fast but from running far. 13.1 miles is a lot farther than most people run on a regular basis and so it makes me happy to know that I can do that.

I was athletically challenged in high school, never made a varsity sport and certainly didn’t pursue any sport in college.  Discovering my love of running my early 30’s is the first and only athletic accomplishment of my life.

Running through streets while crowds cheer, knowing that I’m doing something that many people chose not to, makes me proud, and makes me feel like an athlete. I love it!

Come on jump in, race and train with me and see why I love it! Also I’ve got a coupon code for the Zooma Annapolis Race, so you can save $10 when you register!!  Just go to and enter ANNCON3. 

Seriously, if you don’t run, now is the time to start and if you do run, please join me for this race! Let’s see how big a group we can get together!