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Chevron Trench Coat

1 Feb

This coat might just be my crowning achievement in my sewing career!  Not only did it turn out better than I could have ever anticipated, but I also adapted a pattern to construct it!

The basis for the jacket is the Amy Butler Sandlewood Jacket pattern that I used to make my elephant coat.  I then used what I had learned sewing the Olivia Pea Coat from Peek-A-Boo Patterns for Lelia’s Chevron Coat, to add a collar and extend the front panels.

I decided to use the sash option that comes with the jacket pattern and made it extra long, but this time around, I did not use interfacing. I felt that the 54” Wide Premier Prints ZigZag Slub Yellow/White Fabric By The Yard was of a heavy enough weight, that any extra stabilization would result in an overly stiff jacket. I want this to be my go to coat for Spring so I’d rather it be comfy.

I used Michael Miller Garden Pin Dot Carnation Fabric for the lining on the back and the arms, and as per the Olivia Pea Coat Pattern, I used more zig zag for the front panel lining, since when you fold it open the inside lining shows.

The jacket has darts at the back and the bust and then has an aline shape from the waist down.  A-lines are my dream shape as they conceal my less than lovely mid section and highlight my curves. I’m now desperately trying to figure out how to size this pattern to a dress because it’d make a beautiful dress for me!


Since the weather is so nice, I’ve already worn it several times.  Last night, a very fashionable friend of mine told me that she loved my coat and then asked me who’s it was, as in who was the designer!!!!!!  Yeah, she thought my hand sewn coat was a professionally made, brand name, article of clothing!!!!!

And that my friends, is all the fuel I need to keep up with this sewing adventure!



Chevron Coat for Spring

17 Jan

Thanks to Pinterest, I now know that zig zag stripes are officially called Chevron. And I’m obsessed with them. So when I saw this coat in Old Navy, I knew I had to make one in a yellow and white chevron print for my girls.


This required two things, a pattern and the fabric.  Not only did I find the fabric, but it was also in a heavier weight which I wanted.  It’s from Premier Prints on  And the pattern I found at the Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, it’s the Oliva Pea Coat. The only change I made was to add the hood.  I traced a hooded sweatshirt and used that for sizing. It’s just two head profile pieces sewn together basically.

I’m in lurve with the coat!  And look, my photo skills are improving! As are my photoshop skills, which is equally important!


Sewing for 2012

2 Jan

My resolution is to make as much of my wardrobe and my children’s wardrobe as I can in 2012. I started right after Christmas and have already completed a coat and jacket for myself and a little A-line jumper for Lelia.

Part of this process will be documenting it here, and I have to say, that’s almost harder than making the items!! I had my husband take pictures of me in the coat and jacket yesterday and they didn’t turn out well at all. So I have to start anew and try again.  It’s hard to take photos that make the items looks good!  Any way here’s the latest attempt at the photography.


This is the Carla C A Line Jumper with a fine whale corduroy I had left over from Halloween, and Michael Miller garden pindot fabric for the reverse.


I made a long fleece coat for myself from Vogue V8775 using a fleece from Joann’s.  I love it for when I’m wearing longer sweaters and skinny jeans or leggings!


The most difficult piece of have made to date is the Sandlewood Jacket by Amy Butler.  It had horizontal and vertical darts, is fully reversible, and has interfacing throughout.  Not to mention the contoured two piece sleeves and the sheer size of the jacket!  I am, however, IN LOVE With the final product! I used is Pernilla’s Journey by Tina Givens and I’m obsessed with it! The outside is Homestead Gardens in cotton candy and the Elephants on the inside, is called Elephant Run in Cotton Candy. I have a little of both left over and 3 whole yards of the Suzani in Lemon Creme that I’m dreaming up projects for.  I think it might be good for a pair of flowy drawstring pants.