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Lelia Has the Stomach Bug

3 Aug

And we just had this conversation


Lelia is playing mommy and baby and we just had the following conversation:

Lelia: Mommy can you babysit this baby for me because she vomits all the time?
Me: yes
Lelia: Thanks, she vomits all the time at night and we don’t have a toilet, we just pee in the grass. You have a toilet right? B/c she’ll vomit in the toilet if you have one.


Bad Day Gone Awesome!

12 Jul

Me: What was the best part of your day?
Lelia: Spending the day with you, mommy
Me: it was?
Lelia: yes because you get to be my best friend every day.

And now I win this day b/c Lelia is my bff!


23 Feb

Your browser does not support the video tag

I absolutely LOVE watching my children run.  It may be one of the cutest things ever.  The way they are so free and run with their whole body and look all loosey goosey with their arms waving all around.

I had to video Lelia today running in the cul-de-sac because it was too cute.

Handmade Valentine’s Day | A Lesson in How NOT to Sew

14 Feb

In my sewing frenzy, I decided that I’d have a handmade Valentine’s day and celebrate my love for my family by handmaking all our Valentine’s gifts and celebratory stuff.


My first piece of inspiration came from my big Reneissance Redwork Fat Quarter Bundle win from the Fat Quarter Shop

image from


17 Fat Quarters and a panel, more than enough to use to take my first stab at quilting.  Then I found a chevron quilt pattern that seemed easy enough on Pinterest, from Crazy Mom Quilts. Even though the directions clearly state the use of regular quarter yards of fabric as opposed to fat quarters, I figured that it would be fine to try anyway.

I started slicing and sewing and slicing and found that the white pieces of fabric were a hair longer than the red, which meant that the last square sliced was always wonky.

I sewed through 6 fat quarters and took an extended break.  When I resumed the quilt project, I thought that I had remembered the measurements correctly and began slicing and sewing away, only to realize that not only had I cut the squares to the wrong dimensions, but that I had also used the wrong seam allowance.


But I plowed on through the project and without rereading the directions, laid out the pieces of my quilt and began sewing my rows. I knew that there was some component that was to be done on the diagonal to make sure that the chevron pattern ran crosswise, but when I liad out my pieces, it seemed like my quilt would be awfully small if I cut on the diagonal, so I skipped that part and just let my chevron run diagonal. (as it turns out it was the sewing not the cutting that was done on the diagonal)

First I worked with the correctly sized squares and those made up pretty even zig zags.  But then I moved on to my incorrectly sized squares and it all went to pot.  Not only did my zigs stop zagging but I also had to sew such big seam allowances to fix the sizing issue, that I had far too much fabric waste for my own liking and my once huge quilt was suddenly VERY small.

At one point I had dreams of making a quilt for each girl and a doll quilt for each girl.  When I saw how small it was becoming, the quilt turned into a family quilt to be used to snuggle under on the couch.

I used the panel and some additional red fabric to make the back of the quilt, then sewed my batting between my layers and quilted all the zig zags.  Good lord did that take FOREVER.  Seriously forever and it doesn’t even look very nice.  Maneuvering the quilt at each turn and stuffing it through the arm was a total PITA.

But my quilt disaster was not to end there.  Because the final piece of a quilt is the binding.  Having run out of red or white fabric I opted to purchase ready made bias tape.  The selection at Wal-Mart wasn’t great so I settled for a navy blue (I wanted robins egg) and sewed the binding on yesterday.

But here’s where I screwed that part up….I completed the first pass of the 2 step binding attachement process only to realize that I hadn’t full unfolded it AND I had sewn down the corners improperly.  Thoroughly deflated with the whole process, I just pulled the tape up and over the edge and force sewed it on.

The whole quilt is horrible to me, but my husband and kids didn’t notice today when they were presented it.

I do not however, foresee me making any more quilts.


I saved a few fat quarters from the bundle to use to make a Valentine’s skirt for each girl.  I thought I could figure it out on my own, without a pattern, and perhaps document to add a tutorial to the blog since they’re in short supply here.

I got to work cutting and sewing and very soon realized that the skirts were gonna be uber short, and that sewing appliques is tedious and that perhaps there’s something to be said for all those applique tutorials and their recommended use of iron on stabilizers.  But I couldn’t be slowed down by such details and went on my merry way.

Luckily, I had leftover strips of white fat quarters to add some detail and length to the skirts via a waist band.  And then I made them too big in the waist so that they would sit lower and thus not appear as short.

Cute enough.

And free since that fat quarters were won.

The girls are happy with them too.


The piece de resistance to my handmade Valentine’s were to be their dolls.  Once again, I thought, who needs patterns, I can make one for these dolls, and photograph the whole adventure to post as a nice tutorial.

Once again…. WRONG!!

Details, details, details!! They’re to be the death of me. I swear.

I carefully drew my pattern pieces and cut them out.  I stitched up Isabelle’s doll first and wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t pull the foot through the neck for the life of me.  A project that I thought I could finish in an hour was dragging into it’s third hour before I cried uncle and walked away.

When I returned, I pulled and tugged a little more and finally righted the doll.  Only to discover that I had sewn her pigtails up inside of her and that she’d popped a few seams in the struggle. Thankfully, my husband suggested that instead of clipping of her pig tails and reattaching them on the outside, that I simply, rip a few seams and pull them through.

It worked, I fixed her popped seams and stuffed the rest of her all up. She’s a little funky but she’ll do.  I altered the pattern a bit for Lelia’s,and was able to pull her legs through her neck for righting her without incident, but I decided that my pattern making and tutorial should be left for another project down the road.

The girls like their dolls, and they like the little touches each has, that were made just for them.

Lelia’s doll got a blue dress that matches one of hers, some red undies, and brown shoes because Lelia says she doesn’t like pink.  Her dolly got blonde hair and blue eyes to match Lelia.  While Isabelle’s doll is all pinked up, Pink hair and shoes, pink floral undies, and purple eyes with a dress to match her candy dress.



Tutorial | Photo Valentine’s

12 Feb


I posted a picture of my kids Valentine’s on Facebook yesterday and got lots of responses. Many of you haven seen them on pinterest. That’s where I found the idea , but none really detail how to do it so here’s my attempt.

And even though Valentines is Tuesday, there’s still plenty of time to make these cards yourself. I’m pretty sure that from start to finish this project took me all of an hour and that includes the drive to and from Target to pick up the cards.

Take a photo of your kids with a clean background, holding out his or her fist.

Upload to your computer and using the photo editing software of your choice, add the valentines txt and art. I used Photoshop Elements, but you could use Picnik, Aviary, photobucket even the Preview software that comes preloaded on your Mac will let you at least add text.

On the flip side, I bet you could use your iPhone and one of the photo editing apps and do the exact same thing with one less step. You can even upload right to Shutterfly from there too.

Save the image, and I chose to upload it to Shutterfly and have the prints sent to target because I didn’t want to use up all of my printer ink. I had 15 of each kid made to the tune of $6.04.

I then picked up two packs of heart lollipops at the Dollar store, for $2.12. Which means that the total cost for 30 Valentines was $8.16. A bargain!

Then using an exacts knife, with I cut a little line on the top of the fist and the bottom of the fist and slid the lollipop through the two holes, creating the illusion that they are holding the lollipops.
Since the photos are the same I could stack up two or three at a time and cut them together.

Easy peasy! So if you haven’t taken care of your valentines yet, in less than an hour you can make these.


4 Feb

At the age of 3 years and a couple of months, my baby is finally potty trained! It happened on a whim over the course of MLK weekend and wasn’t even planned. I knew she could do it and was just resisting for whatever reason.

Part of the training involved rewarding successful potty attempts with candy, specifically m&m’s. She’s a candy freak and now forces herself to dribble out a few drops multiple times a day to get some candy.

Pooing didn’t come as easily to her and she’s still learning the warning signs. Needless to say there are lots of trips to the potty where the only thing that happens is a few toots.

Recently, she’s been explaining this phenomenon to me in this way :

Mom, I’ve got a toot stuck in my butt!

Charming isn’t it?

Pattern Testing | Isabella Dress from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop

2 Feb

As I blog more and more about my sewing adventure, I also follow more and more sewing blogs. If they have a Facebook page than I follow that too. It’s a great way to keep up with the blogs and often, on Facebook you get more than just a link to the latest post. As is the case with Naptime Crafter, and her pattern shop, Peek-A-Boo Patterns. I can’t remember how I found the pattern shop, but I did and she had the pattern for the Chevron coat that I made my girls.

Anywho, she recently posted an adorable pic of a dress and asked for pattern testers. With those cute ruffles, I couldn’t resist!

photo from Peek-A-Boo Patterns Facebook page

I volunteered to test the pattern in the 3T or 5 and she took me up on the 3T.

As is the norm for PDF patterns, there were detailed instructions included with pictures of every step. I found finishing the armholes to be slightly tricky and this was the first zipper that I have sewn in a dress before, so that was an interesting experience. I hemmed and hawed over what fabrics to use to make the dress but settled on Michael Miller’s garden pin dots in Carnation and navy blue. It worked out as a great way to use up the last of the navy fabric and makes it a dress that she can wear now with either a sweater on top or a shirt underneath. Yeah for a a 4 season dress!

Lelia likes it and Isabelle has requested one as well. The basic construction of the dress is a simple A-line and then you slice up the front and insert ruffles. The sleeves are just another piece of the ruffled fabric. And the instructions for the zipper were great and made it less intimidating to try!

Thanks Amy, for letting me be a pattern tester, and for making such an adorable pattern!

As a side note, my mother commented that Lelia always looks messy and Isabelle always has a bow in her and looks nice when I take their pictures. That is because Isabelle is a ham and Lelia is shy so getting her to pose for the pictures is no easy task. I have to bribe her by letting her use my nice camera to snap my pic after she’s finished posing.

Today she was more cooperative and I got to style her hair and clean her face. But I still had to let her take my picture.