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Lelia Has the Stomach Bug

3 Aug

And we just had this conversation


Lelia is playing mommy and baby and we just had the following conversation:

Lelia: Mommy can you babysit this baby for me because she vomits all the time?
Me: yes
Lelia: Thanks, she vomits all the time at night and we don’t have a toilet, we just pee in the grass. You have a toilet right? B/c she’ll vomit in the toilet if you have one.



4 Feb

At the age of 3 years and a couple of months, my baby is finally potty trained! It happened on a whim over the course of MLK weekend and wasn’t even planned. I knew she could do it and was just resisting for whatever reason.

Part of the training involved rewarding successful potty attempts with candy, specifically m&m’s. She’s a candy freak and now forces herself to dribble out a few drops multiple times a day to get some candy.

Pooing didn’t come as easily to her and she’s still learning the warning signs. Needless to say there are lots of trips to the potty where the only thing that happens is a few toots.

Recently, she’s been explaining this phenomenon to me in this way :

Mom, I’ve got a toot stuck in my butt!

Charming isn’t it?

A Chip Crumbed In My Eye!

23 Sep

Techno Toddler will be three 1 month from today.  And she’s coming into her own with her talking.  She’s quite funny and I love to hear her interpretation of the English language.

She’s eating chips and she got some of the chips in her eye, don’t ask me how.  But she comes running to me and says,

A chip crumbed in my eye, mama!!!!!


If you ask me , that’s a pretty brilliant way of explaining what happend and I totally see the logic in it.


9 Sep

Lelia found a penny in the car and Isabelle wanted some money too. I told her I would get her some and she asked me where I would get it.

Lelia said “At the money store”.

I asked her where that was and she said “far far away from Target”.