Facebook Five Year Old

She’s my first born.  She’s full of sass and attitude.  She’s me when I was 5.  If I hadn’t witnessed them cut her out of me, I wouldn’t have believed that my husband and I made her.  She was born with a full head of dark brown hair and an olive complexion.  My husband and I are fair skinned and light haired.

She’s outgoing and gregarious.  She makes friends easily where ever she goes.  She’s adventurous and self confident.  She’s curious.  She asks a bajillion questions and talks incessantly.

She is loves a party and would prefer to be the last to leave – just like her father.  She will never admit defeat when she’s tired.  She’d rather stay up and not miss anything than give in to her fatigue.

She loves her family.

She knows what Facebook is and asks me to post things on her behalf.


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