8/25/11 After wearing her galoshes in the mall for several hours, Isabelle proclaimed that for her next pair of rain boots she would like them to come with air conditioning.

7/19/11 Isabelle, “Mama, I brusheded my teeth 3 times so I won’t have to brush them for 7 days cuz they’ll stay clean now”

7/9/11 walking down the street in Rehoboth, I point out a hibiscus, Isabelle asks if she can eat it.  I tell her no and she replies with “then where do biscuits grow?”  Because she thought it was a hibiscuits plant….

5/31/11 No Isabelleism today, just a love note from me: Three days without my kids was amazing! And the best part is that I can honestly say, my life is better for having them. I’ve a purpose and a meaning and a direction because of them. I’m a better me, because of them. And I love them to the depths and breadths of my soul. Cheesy I know, but utterly true.

5/29/11 Gran and Poppy kept Isabelle and Lelia at the beach and Colin and I left to come home.  Lelia was sleeping when we departed and when she awoke she cried for me.  Isabelle informed her that I wasn’t coming back, I was dead.

2/4/11 When i inform isabelle that she has the hiccups she asks if she can take them to school with her.

2/4/11 When asked why isabelle hit her 2yo sister on the head, isabelle replied that she didn’t hit her, she had given her a high five on the head

11/19/10 Isabelle asked if we could go to 9/8 central sometime

11/4/10 Isabelle went to the bathroom and then proclaimed that she had pooped her brains into the toilet.

10/29/10 Isabelle and neighbor were looking through catalogs and Isabelle asked if I still had our American Cheese catalog for them to look through.

8/6/10 Isabelle has just drawn a mustache on her face and told me she is a man. She also informed me that “mans have ‘peanuts’ “.

7/30/10 Conversations w/Isabelle:
Iz: Neighbor says she’s going to give me an American Girl Doll.

Me: Do you even know what that is?

Iz: No, Is it a doll made of American cheese? B/c if it is, I would eat the doll. I love cheese.

7/19/10 I’m in the kitchen singing “Why can’t we be friends?” by War to myself and Isabelle chimes in (in song, mind you) with “Because you spank me”


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