Spring 2012 Sewing for Myself

10 Mar

Sewing is cathartic.  I focus on the sewing and forget about life’s stresses.  I enjoy the focus of it.

I try to sew at least 2-3 projects a week.  And the original idea was to blog about each item separately, but between the time it takes to sew an item and the time it takes to photograph it and blog about it, I don’t have much time left.  And besides, as soon as I finish a project I want to put it out there to show it off. When I try to space out my posts on a per project level, some things seem old to me by the time they get blogged about.

So with all of those issues, I just stopped blogging and kept sewing.  This post is one of a few that will play catch up.  It’s a round up of all of the things I’ve sewed for myself over the last month or so.

It includes 3 skirts, 2 dresses and a pair of pants!

First up, the Apron Skirt from Sew A Straight Line

This is one that I found on Pinterest and was excited to try.  It is essentially 2 pieces of recangular fabric that are sewn together on the sides, hemmed on the bottom, and have bias tape added to the top.  To wear it, you step between the two pieces of fabric and wrap the excess around your waist.  It’s easy to wear and confortable.  And can be worn in a multitude of ways.  I suspect it would create a nice long skirt as well.

Then I created 2 dresses from Simplicity 2363 Pattern. A short version and a long version, both sleeveless. This pattern has many pieces that create the same effect as darts, and helps curve to the body.  The arm holes are not adjusted for size based on the use of or lack thereof of sleeves and so I had to take it in a bit in the chest area.  I also cut it one size smaller than I measured. I will be using the pattern often!

I think it works better with less obvious patterns and without mixing pattern and solid. I like it very much as a maxi dress, and it’s super comfortable!

Moving on, one of the sewing books that I purchased was Diana Rupp’s Sew.  There are many patterns that I like in it and all are sized Small Medium Large, which I also like.  I took the Breezy, Easy Wrap Skirt and made it reversible.  I love it and it reminds me of skirts my mom used to make.

I cut it a little shorter than the pattern called for as well. I like skirts at or a little above my knee.

Then over the last two days, I wipped up some wrap pants and a prairie skirt.  Neither were from a pattern, tho I did follow a tutorial on the pants to figure out the measurements.  They are two pieces of rectangular fabric with a U cut in the middle of each.  You sew the U of each piece together, add some bias tape and hem.  Super easy! My mom used to make these frequently and they very much remind me of her.

The Prairie skirt, is a copy of a skirt by Sugar that I got at the MAGIC show in Vegas, over a decade ago when I worked at Girls’ Life Magazine.  This one was pretty easy and it gave me a chance to use the rolled hem feature on my serger.  And while there is no photo of it, I did try it as a strapless dress and it works.  Not super flattering so it would be used mostly at the pool, but I like the option.  The skirt is a heavy linen that I got from the remnant section at Joann’s when they were having a 70% off remnant sale!

So that’s it for my stuff of late.  Lots of fun and I can’t wait to sew more.  The list of things I want to make keeps growing, so I’ll keep sewing!


Note to MandyMoo

10 Mar

Isabelle wrote this note to Mandy, my sister.  Since we came back from Florida 3 days ago, Isabelle misses her.

Dance Party at Lolly and Granddaddy’s!

5 Mar


Isabelle Can Read

25 Feb

Hop on Pop as read by Isabelle



23 Feb

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I absolutely LOVE watching my children run.  It may be one of the cutest things ever.  The way they are so free and run with their whole body and look all loosey goosey with their arms waving all around.

I had to video Lelia today running in the cul-de-sac because it was too cute.

Isabelle is Soree

23 Feb

Isabelle got in trouble last night and was sent to bed early. We’ve been talking about actions speaking louder than words so instead of saying she was sorry, she wrote me a letter.

The line by line translation:
I’m sorry
that I

She almost got set free based upon the cuteness and the effort, alas, she still went to bed early.

And this morning in a continued effort to show me she was sorry, she cleaned her room.

5.5 years in and I think I might just be getting the hang of this discipline thing.

My Sweet Isabelle

14 Feb

Isabelle’s teacher just sent me a photo of the Valentine that Isabelle made for her at school today.

And my heart melted.

Isabelle clearly did this all on her own and sounded out the whole thing by herself.

I’m so proud of my sweet kind thoughtful girl.

Makes me almost forget that I had to enforce the new punishment policy of kneeling for time out. Almost.