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One of Those Days

24 Apr

It started with a nail in my tire…..

And then I almost had a car accident, but avoided it by slamming on the breaks.  Which in turn sent my newly purchased (at $14.50 a half dozen) 6 pack of gorgeous Flavor Cupcakery cupcakes, flying onto the floor of the front seat.

Shortly thereafter, Lelia decided she didn’t want the rest of her cupcake and so she smeared the massive quantity (I’d say 2 parts icing to 1 part cupcake, which is ideal in my book) of icing all over the arm rest in the back seat of the car.

A little later in my day, while I attempted to make my day right by sewing, Lelia took it upon her self to slather copious amounts of glue on paper and adhere it to the wall and the hardwood floors.

Throw in a few more instances of Lelia being obstinate and I was ready to call it quits.

Once again I retreated to my sewing hole in the basement to try to sooth my temper and mood and right the wrongs of the day.

Alas that was not to be the case. I was merely working on the simplest of projects, knit yoga pants, complete with pattern and instructions.  And once again, much like the incident with Colin’s Christmas PJ’s, I missewed the seams.  Except this time, I had serged, and french seamed them before I realized my errors.

So here I sit, having put the children to bed at 6:45, drowning my sorrows in a delicious red wine and pounding out this post.

Oh and did I mention, I’m down like 30 votes in the Fabrics-store.com contest that I entered.  My adorable linen maxi skirt is losing to a beautifully sewn, but not exactly Spring friendly, costume.

Boo hiss to my day!!