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Christmas Tree at the White House

22 Dec

This year, I let the kids do most of the decorating of the tree.  I gave them a few simple instructions an let them go nuts.

Decorating the Tree

Noodlebell watched from his perch in the window.


The main instruction was  to hang the bulbs first and to hang them in the tree as opposed to on the edge of the branches.  Right away Isabelle wanted to know who came up with the rule and why we had to follow it.  When I told her that that is what my mother taught me, she asked me if Lolly (my mother) would be getting a tree and following these rules.  When I told her that Lolly wasn’t getting a tree, Isabelle thought that was reason enough for us not to have to follow the rule: If Lolly wasn’t going to follow it this year, than why should we.

A whole host of ornaments can be found on the bottom branches of our tree

Once most of the ornaments were hung, I took a couple of the nicer ones and hung them at the top.  I also redistributed some of the ornaments so that the top of the tree wasn’t completely bare.

Lelia's candy canes

Playing with my camera's settings


I pinned a couple camera tutorials (exhibit A, exhibit B) for getting a shot of the Christmas tree at night, in which it looks like it’s glowing.  But no matter what i did, I couldn’t get it!


Here are some of our fancy ornaments

Big Santa




Pink angel crab


This is a Christopher Radko ornament that was given to us when we were married. One would assume by it's pink color that it's a cosmopolitan, however, it's got an olive as a garnish....always makes me wonder if it's a screw up by Radko...