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I love {LBG Studio} Patterns and Tutorials!

22 Dec

The fabric I ordered from Fabric.com arrived the other day and I was anxious to knock out a couple of the projects I had planned.  One was the {LBG Studios} Convertible Clutch / 2 in 1 bag pattern and the other was a revised wallet based off of the {LBG Studios} Organizer Wallet which I had used to make my little Christmas clutch.

I decided that I would sew the clutch first, because I thought I might learn a thing or two that I could apply to the wallet. The pattern and instructions were spot on! I installed a magnetic clasp for the first time and really enjoyed working on the project.  Sadly, I don’t love the way the copper pleather looks on the finished clutch, but that just means that I’ll be sure and make another clutch in the near future!

{LBG Studios} Clutch standing

I love, love, love, the sturdiness of the handle, and the way in which it was attached to the bag….brilliant! When all was said and done the handle has about 4 layers of fusible interfacing and 4 layers of fabric, making it incredibly sturdy.

{LBG Studios} Convertible Clutch handle

The inside called for a pocket and the insertion of a magnetic snap.  Who knew that adding a snap would be so darn easy!!! Seriously simple.

Inside of the {LBG Studios} Convertible Clutch


Folded {LBG Studios} Clutch


As you can see in the above photo, I need some practice with closing up the openings left for turning projects right side out…..

{LBG Studios} wallet inside of clutch

This bag had four layers to it: Outside, Inside, lining and facing.  Based on the finished product, I decided to go with 4 layers for the wallet, but to switch it up, outside, inside, and face both the outside and inside layers.  The pockets got 2 inside fabric layers and 1 piece of facing. I used 9″ as the width and 10″ as the height of the open wallet before sewing. Finished it’s about 8.5″ by 10.5″ finished.

closed wallet

I used this tutorial to figure out how to add in my zipper, and like every other sewing task of which I’ve been afraid, it’s not nearly as scary as it would seem!

Open wallet, everything in it's place

I liked the overall size of my Christmas wallet and while I had originally thought I would make a trifold to accomodate the zipper, I realized that I could just turn the outside of the iphone pocket into the zipper compartment.

Everything peaking out from it's hiding place

The other change that I made, based on my Christmas wallet, was that I decided there was enough room for 3 vertical card slots, instead of two, and that I wanted the curved pocket to also have compartments.  Now my credit cards fit in the back and my money, business cards, and license sit nicely in the front.

I love how much room there is for my receipt stash and I love the way it feels size and weight wise in my hand when I carry only the wallet.

I can’t wait to use both for Christmas, and I can’t wait to start on my next project! But that will have to wait until after Christmas.



{LBG Studios} Clutch and Wallet